Are the Trees Real?
Yes the trees are real.  They are harvested from forests in Georgia and Florida and then dried out for a minimum of 90 days to remove all of the moisture and to cure them.  You do not need to water or maintain the actual tree.

Why use a Real Tree?
The real bark on the tree will heighten your cats' sense of smell and will draw your cat to it.  The bark on the tree serves as a natural scratching post.  Cats need to scratch for marking his/her territory and shedding those old sheaths on their nails.  Real trees help to bring out your cats' true nature.

Are the Leaves Real?
No the leaves are not real.  They are a silk synthetic blend made exclusively for Pet Tree Houses.  The stem is a 3 wire branch so it is easily poseable and your pet can jump and play on them and then you can easily reshape them. We design the foliage to be removed and replaced as needed throughout the life of the Tree.

What kind of carpet do you use?
We only use Shaw Carpets.  It is a "Resista" blend that is engineered for a silky feel combined with the outstanding durability you demand.  It repels stains, cleans up easily, retains its brilliance and softness longer, and will not wash or wear off.  It is a revolutionary stain resistant carpet.

Is it okay for my cat to Scratch on the Tree?
Absolutely!  The tree is a natural scratching post for the cat.  It's quite typical for you to  see your cat scratch on the tree more often then he would on a scratcher.

Are the Leaves Safe for my Kittens?
When dealing with kittens, we recommend that foliage be placed on the Trees in limited quantities and monitored until at least 6 months of age. In most cases, the kittens will engage the foliage in play however not to consume. The only cases we have seen where foliage is chewed has occurred in high volume shelters or where visual impairment was a factor. We have received no reports of any harm coming to any cat or kitten due to chewing the leaves. We design the foliage to be removed and replaced as needed throughout the life of the Tree.

Is the Tree Sturdy Enough for my Cats or will it Tip Over?
Our trees are extremely sturdy and we have not had one tip over in all the years crafting them. We actually test the trees to hold over 70 lbs per platform.  We not only take into consideration the weight of the cat(s), but also the energy level of the cat(s) as they run and play on the tree.   If you have a larger breed cat such as the Maine Coon, Ragdoll or Savannah; please email us that information with your order or put it in the comment section and we can craft the tree specific to their needs.

Will my cat want to go into the "house"?
Yes, cats are natural den animals.  The house provides them security and a safe place to sleep or rest.

Why are they so expensive?
Each Pet Tree House is hand-crafted of the highest quality materials.  Most pieces take up to 16 hours to build with over 1,000 individual cuts.  The Trees are built for life.  The carpet and the leaves are removeable and replaceable.  This will be the last Cat Tree you need to purchase.

Why is the Tree for Indoor Use Only?  Why can't I put it on my patio or in my yard?
We use real trees which have been dried out and cured for a minimum of 90 days.  They must be kept dry and in a controlled temperature envirnonment to keep them from "twisting".    The idea of using a real tree is to bring the outdoors in for your cat(s) giving them a safe habitat that brings out their true instinctive nature.

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes we can ship to Canada.  Please email us with your address and the item you would like and we will get you a shipping quote.  Shipping outside of the USA can be expensive.  To save on shipping costs, if you live near the Canada/USA border, find a UPS Store in the USA near the border.  Contact them and ask if you can have your item shipped to them and you will pick it up there.  This will save you shipping costs if you have a UPS store near you and are able to pick the item up.  Please remember the size of the item if you are doing this.  Also remember to take your passport with you.

Do you ship Internationally?
Yes we can ship internationally.  The larger the tree, the more expensive the shipping cost will be.  Our KIT-TY Trees are the least expensive model to ship.  Please email us with your complete shipping address and the tree style you are interested in, and we will email you a shipping quote.  Shipping quotes take approximately 4-5 days.


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