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I received a seedling about a month ago. My 4 cats LOVE it because they can hide, play and sleep in it. But I love it because it's pretty in my home, sturdy and hold up under the rough play of my two younger cats, and it's so easy to keep clean which is very important to me since my one cat has asthma. In fact, attached is a photo of my asthmatic cat, Matilda, in her tree. She loves playing in the leaves!
Date of Posting: 14 March 2012
Posted By: Kim
My 4 cats love it!
We were sooooo excited! Our cats absolutley love the trees. They are in heaven and feel like they have their own jungle in their house! They have explored every nook and cranny and tested every branch. They love to hide in all the leaves and them jump out at us and each other. It is better than we could have imagined! Thank you soooooo much!
Date of Posting: 14 March 2012
Posted By: Julie
Their own jungle in their house!

We just wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful, custom ?made Cat Tree House!??The kitties were practically on it before we completely pulled it out ?of the box!?We have tried time and time again to get a good picture with everyone ?on the tree and will continue to do so, but for now we thought you ?would like this one!??Thank you for an amazing product!!?We are so pleased and it is truly a beautiful piece of furniture that ?enhances the home we share with our furry friends!
Date of Posting: 14 March 2012
Posted By: Alie and Brent
We love our beautiful custom made Cat Tree House!
Charley loves his tree!

He uses the sisal scratcher, a little tentative yet, but he will get used to it. Speaking of getting used to it-the first week I kind of forced him to climb the tree by putting his 'baby' in various places in the tree. He had to climb it to get her down. I'd ask him, "where's Miss Kitty?", he'd look immediately up the tree, then give me a look that said, 'not again!?'. It was so cute! Now he doesn't need coaxing, as a matter of fact, he has spent nearly all day sleeping in the cradle today! Didn't even bother to get down when a neighbor knocked on the door-which normally sends him under the bed-and even stayed when I pulled her inside to see him!?I have more pics of him in the tree, will try to attach to this email, but they may end up coming separately.?By the way, he loves fighting the leaves and trying to eat them! I assume they are non-toxic, because you are so careful with all your materials being animal-friendly. It was so funny the first time I saw him trying to rip them apart-the leaves hold up admirably well!?Thank you so much again! There is no way I can convey my appreciation appropriately well for all you did for me, so you will hear thank you from me often!

Thank you, thank you!??Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Date of Posting: 14 March 2012
Posted By: Carol
Charlie loves this tree, Florida
All of my cats LOVE it.


I just wanted to thank you again for allowing our group (Biker Bills Tiggerland Cat Rescue dba The Last Chance) to purchase your wonderful trees at such a discount. All of my cats LOVE it. But one in particular, Lestat really enjoys it. I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy! (His name is Lestat after the vampire. As he matured, he grew an extra pair of top fangs! These are not baby teeth that never fell out - they are extra! You can see them in the pictures!) He loves to sit in the tree and stare down at the others. King of the jungle!

I know we would all love more of them! The cats just go crazy - and they are so well made! Amazing!

Also, I have enjoyed reading about you in Cat Fancy! Congratulations! I hope you have much success!
Date of Posting: 14 March 2012
Posted By: Cathy

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