Decorate your cat's Pet Tree House so they will have their own Christmas Tree!

Check out Modern Cat Magazine's Fresh Fall Finds!!!   Doesn't your cat tree deserve a change of seasons?


Welcome to the jungle video!!

Raven, Oka, RobertFrost ("Bobby") and Maiya all wanted to give you a big thank you!! Raven, the tortoiseshell, has some serious behavior issues and... just in the past 24 hours we have seen a big change in her behavior! Aside from being not so friendly, she chews cords and wooden picture frames, end tables, you name it but she has spent almost all of her time up in the tree gnawing and relaxing and is just generally more relaxed when she comes down to be around us and the dogs. She finally has a "spot" that our other cat trees just weren't providing for her. Worth every penny ??

In honor of National Hairball Recognition Day,
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Now available!!! Dr. Catsby's  Whisker Relief Food Bowl!!!

It's time to put an end to your cat's mealtime misery: Whiskers are wonderful things!

Straight, high-sided bowls can be harsh on whiskers and can lead to a little talked about condition called whisker fatigue, or whisker stress.

A smartly designed cat bowl to put an end to your cat's mealtime misery.  Dr. Catsby's Bowls feature a wide but shallow dish making it easy for cats to access their food without pulling back their whickers to avoid agonizing contact.  The clean, simple design is a cinch to wash which means less fuss and muss and happiness for you both.

Look for it under the Toys and Accessories Tab!!





Pet Tree Houses will be featured on MY CAT FROM HELL this season!  The new season started April 2nd on Animal Planet and Pet Tree Houses Trees will be used on the shows airing Saturday, April 9th and Saturday, May 28th.  The show airs at 8:00 pm EST on Animal Planet.

You'll see how the cats interact with these natural habitats that bring out the cats' true nature and help to alleviate captive stress.








Listen Live to Lil Bub and Norbert on the Pet Radio Show February 6th at 1:00 pm EST.  Pet Tree Houses will be on the interview as well.

Pet Radio Show Listeners and Lil Bub and Norbert fans receive FREE SHIPPING on the KIT-TY TREE Model!  $75 value.  CODE LilBub16 at checkout

expires 2/29/16 shipping in Continenatal USA only


Pet Radio Show's photo.

Pet Radio Show's photo.




Thank you The Conscious Cat for naming Pet Tree Houses one of your favorite top 10 products of 2015!


Get some soft cat toys and hang them on your cat's  Pet Tree House.  This way your cats have their own Christmas tree and they won't bother yours.

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